Parkside Success Launch Update

15 August 2019

We are very excited to have now released Parkside Success for sale on Saturday. There are only 27 lots and 2 SOLD over the weekend with another 5 on HOLD. Feedback for the estate has been very positive with a number of interested Buyers contacting me for information.

It seems however that many of you are not sure or not ready to move forward in your buying decision. That’s where I’m here to HELP.

  • Do you need time to organise your finance and talk to the Bank?
  • Or maybe you haven’t found a home design to fall in love with or fit the block?
  • Perhaps you need more time to save a deposit?

For instance, are you aware that you may be able to HOLD the lot with no obligation to give you time to get things in order? Are you aware that you can purchase with 2 months to organise your finance?

Contact me today and lets see if we can put some well needed TIME TO THINK into your decision making process without missing out on your dream lot.

Just reply to this email with any of your questions and I will be straight back to you with any help I can provide.

Kind regards,

Rod Wright
Land Sales & Marketing Manager
Mobile 0407 945 834