The holiday season is here but that doesn’t mean we should let our water wise efforts slip. Saving water may be the last thing on your mind during the hustle and bustle of these festive times.

These simple water-saving tips will help you save water over the holiday season:

  • Wash fruit and vegetables in a small bucket of water instead of using running tap water.
  • Rather than defrosting frozen foods under running hot water, plan ahead and defrost the food overnight. This can save up to 150 litres of water.
  • Try to limit on food waste. According to studies, a typical holiday dinner for eight requires more than 150 000 litres of water to grow and prepare the food. It’s easy to get carried away cooking for our families but try to remember how much food might end up in landfill.
  • Avoid running the tap when washing dishes. Instead plug a drain, fill the sink and scrub with soapy water. Or better yet, use an Energy Star certified dishwasher which can save up to double the amount of water compared to handwashing.


Simple changes in our habits and behaviours can lead to a substantial change to our water usage.

For more information on water saving tips and tricks for the household, visit the Water Corporation website.